Individual Information

Google earth

The geographic originations of the samples are marked on the google earth.


■ Non-redundant SNP dataset for European and Asian pigs, and their outgroups are provided in this database.
■ We provide two ways to view SNPs, one is table-based format and the other is GBrowse format. And we also provide search function to get SNP in a genome region and
 an individual sample.
■ We provide detailed information for each SNP, including original sample, chromosome position, 3' and 5' flank sequences, SNP annotation in protein-coding or lincRNA gene.
■ A comparative function is provided to facilitate a comparison of SNPs in different samples.
■ We provide the selection score in Chinese domestic pigs, European domestic pigs and Tibetan pigs using five statistical terms.
■ The SNP files calling by GATK and samtools mpileup, and phased SNPs are provided in the download ftp. User can download the data and do more deep analysis.