How to download the data

All these data can be downloaded from our server freely. Please use the following tools to do downloading since the data files are rather big. Under linux environment:you may use wget, for example: wget Under windows environment: you may use FTP tool, (e.g.FileZilla):
Please feel free to contact us if you encounter any problem.
File name File size Last modify time MD5
Canis_familiaris.CanFam3.1.85.gtf.mRNA.clean.gff3.gz 3.3 MB 2016/12/14 738b1543ca55362083eba0d26fe2e33a
Canis_familiaris.CanFam3.1.dna.toplevel.fa.gz 693 MB 2016/12/14 e259a5686b958cffaead54be368df69a
58indiv.unifiedgenotyper.recalibrated_95.5_filtered.pass_snp.vcf.gz 5.0 GB 2016/12/14 d03bae21762f961736de8b6efb396a15
CFA31_IlluminaHD.vcf.gz 1.4 MB 2016/12/14 4a87088b17631fb6237210044ac099a6
Canis_familiaris.V85.vcf.gz 52.2 MB 2016/12/14 1192caf24eaff488e15df4c5f73d6f54